Services At a Glance

During last five decades, SML successfully worked in different projects in difficult locations all over India to the satisfaction of clients. We have rich experience in operating coal and limestone mines in Assam and Meghalaya, both plagued by an extended six-month rainy season, extremist activities and topographic eccentricities. We have worked at several sites in sensitive tribal dominated areas and making sure that our arrangements are acceptable and beneficial to the local community, we have still successfully achieved the production targets set by clients.

Coal Mining

SML has been associated with mechanized mining of coal in the open cast mines in the North Eastern Coalfields (NEC) of Coal India Ltd. This open cast mine is 125 meter deep and has coal seams that are steeply inclined at 1 in 2. In spite of arduous geo mining conditions and a six months extended rainy season in the region, the company has always met the steep targets set by NEC.

SML has deployed articulated Haulers and 6 x 6 Ural Tippers and continue production even in the peak of monsoon. SML earned the distinction of working all 365 days in a year.

Mining & Crushing

SML has set-up a modern 200 TPH crushing and screening plant at Raipur in Chattisgarh to provide high quality road and building material to meet growing needs of infrastructure. SML has also opened its mines at Katni in Madhya Pradesh to produce high grade limestone and dolomite for the cement and steel industries. It is further expanding its operation in Rajasthan to mine and supply aggregates to road and building industries in Delhi and Gurgaon.

Uranium Mining

Saumya Mining Limited (SML) has the distinction of being the only organization mining uranium from an open cast mine for Uranium Corporation of India Ltd. (UCIL) under the Department of Atomic Energy, Govt of India, exposing and extracting ore at the rate of 6 Million Tonnes per annum.